On 11th November 2013, the Council Borough of Camden adopted power under Part V of The Authorities act 2000 which enables Council Borough of Camden to license busking, destroying freedom of creative expression and prominent music legacy in the segment. This restriction is particularly severe along the length of the canal river trust Land, namely the Regent’s Canal itself and the aligned towpath.The response to such restriction is an explicit invitation for the general public to participate in the music production with insertion of inhabitable sound devices. This reclaims underlying essence of Camden for the marginalized community of buskers using series legal exemptions as constraints.

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System of Musical Devices Along Camden Town Segment of Regents Canal

First Device: Open Musical Playground

Using Exemption 11:

Event performed as part of a street party, community festival, charitable fundraising event, protest march or similar event

Second Device: Busk Stop

Using Exemption 10:

Event performed on a bandstand within open space

Third Device: Camden Canal Records Label©

Using Exemption 12:

Event organised by camden or has been organised in conjunction with camden