Assigned site: Segment 3
'Contemporary architecture does not concern itself with inferior notions of manure, despite the prevalence of the word 'man' within the word. Contemporary architecture would much rather dream, peaking over clouds than at the stones and soil compositions that facilitate their long necks and competitive pitch. But the events, circumstances and appearances of architectures in less financially fortunate cultures that build with 'waste' are not necessarily the concerns of those interested in standards of living conditions; excrement, particularly as a building material, is not to be mistakened as a synonym for poverty or an expired architectural experience. Today and in the future, the 'developed' world will take an increased interest in feces, looking for alternative solutions, as metropolitan populations increase and the shitty problem expands.'
La Cuisine de Merde is a restaurant that expands at a rate of 2m/year, based predominantly on the amount of waste produced by London Zoo's elephants that reside within Segment 3 of the canal. The proposal takes inspiration from the Bill Gates Omniprocessor and Japan's Shitburger that demonstrate an increased interest in an innovative approach to the treatment of excrement. 'Zoo poo' is treated by passing along multiple chambers and fed into the kitchen where it is used to produce dishes from a sample menu. By ingesting expelled particles, consumers shrink the scale of food recycling from global to a potentially local scale.

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La Cuisine de Merde Concept

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Accepting Excrement as a Material

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