Activating industry along the Viaduct, architectural devices are manufacture systems, OPTIMISTICALLY bridge residents; reshape living. Extracting condition of canal segment, as source of local production.

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Sold in Britain, Made in Britain

The aim of my project is to bring industry back into the city with architectural instruments of a clean and self-supplied production system. This provides “Made in Britain” products manufactured from materials that can be grown in the UK. Optimistically, it creates a new living condition for the local residential area and gives a new commercial condition to existing local businesses.

Site Map

This intersection between the Regent’s Canal and the Kingsland Viaduct provides a huge potential for distribution and production of goods and buildings. As a result , I chose this intersection to be a focal point of my project later on

Production System as Constraints

Segment as Constraints

7 Architectural Interventions


On top of Focal Point

View from the Train (Underneath Focal Point)

Canal Boat Community

Car Park / Algae Collector