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Sector 6 Perspectival Section

The section demonstrates the life and events occurring within the system and the ecology of the 9 different capsules. These include; the "Inhabitable Capsule", "Human Waste Extraction Pod", "Storage Pod", "Medical Pod", "Incineration Pod", "Extraction Pod", "Builder Pod", "Frame Parts Transporter Pod" and the "Incubator".

Internal System Perspective

An internal view looking outwards towards Southbank, from one of the edges of the system at the 17th floor showing capsules in motion.

The Anti-Cultural Culture Monument

The system, named "The Anti-Cultural Culture Monument" is sustained by several rich cycles vital to its survival. These cycles not only include the ecology of the capsules internally, but the overall cyclical manifestation of the system at a contextually urban scale. As the system grows, its sole purpose is to speculatively act as a societal educational mechanism whereby the emerging socio-technological culture that incites isolation is accommodated and then taken to the extreme, to suggest society to return to a tangible/interactive based society, alluding to the ancient Agora. However, if society then thrives, it has the means to live and survive in this system.

Automated System Construction Through Solar Exposure

Through the "Builder Pod" and "Frame Parts Transporter Pod", the system grows by building frames in order to allow capsules to inhabit it. It grows by testing the solar exposure of a given coordinate because the inhabitable capsules aliment themselves on solar energy, whereby; if the next coordinate has more or equal solar exposure, the coordinate is allocated and a frame is built; however, if the coordinate has less solar exposure, the frame is not built.

The Inhabitable Capsule

The "Inhabitable Capsule" is the most important capsule in the system - it provides a means for society to live in it. This capsule incorporates all necessary means of life to be sustained in this system of hyper-virtual collective segregation. The users live in the incorporated sphere which provides enhanced immersive virtual experience (new means of social culture to thrive) through projectors and control panels. Life is then sustained via an IV drip hanging from the chair, and an integrated human waste dispenser in his seat, so that the user has no need to move in order to live, and can concentrate on being connected.

Human Waste Extractor Pod

The "Human Waste Extractor Pod" is a capsule that collects human waste from the "Inhabitable Capsule", "Incinerator Capsule" and the "Incubator Pod" when necessary, through pumps that collects the waste in containers.

Incineration Process - Medical, Incinerator and Inhabitable Pods

The incineration process requires the participation of three capsules; the "Medical Pod", "Incineration Pod" and the "Inhabitable Capsule" from which the individual is extracted. The Medical Pod uses its long 7-axis operating robotic arms to transfer the body onto the Incinerator Pod which then incinerates the deceased body, following which, the waste is collected by the Waste Extraction Pod.

Capsular Extraction Process - Frame Transporter and Extractor Pods

The capsular extraction process is a process whereby if a capsule breaks down, it is extracted mechanically. In order to make this possible, a capsule whose sole purpose is to extract other capsules was necessary; the "Extractor Pod". With is gripping handles, it extracts capsules that are no longer functional, and retrieves them to a facility that can fix them.

The Incubator

The "Incubator Pod" provides a means for society to thrive in this system given that it adapts it successfully.

Vertical and Horizontal Circulation

Displayed here are the "Frame Superhighways" both vertically and horizontally. These, as the system grows per layer, become frames that function strictly as circulation frames in order to always provide accessibility to all other frames and avoid clogging the system with capsules.