Is the city of hard edges a political mechanism for the social control and inhibition of communal values? William Whyte after his meticolous behavioral research on the urban field highlighted the fine proportion between the quality of the urban space and the quantity of people who are standing in. However, if people seeking for a place to stand are unconsciously seeking for the edge, isn't the quality of the urban space defined by the resolution of its edges? Learning from the Italian cities and watching at the softness of Covent Garden Market, into the Southbank Centre, a catalogue of unresolved boundaries, the project investigates the edge of the city as an architectural device capable to set as a public processor for unexpected activities, either intimate or related to a social sphere, to flourish; in the biggest purpose to enlive the public space, against political 'hardeness', towards a more democratic city.

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the Soft Core

Rudolf Von Alt, Ducal Palace in Venice

Proxemical Prototypes

the Intrusive System

Iterative Process