The Views Of the Urban Wanderer

Using Southbank London as a testing ground, this project uses the parameters and characteristics of WANDERING which was determined through series of analysis. The notion of wandering is used as the main driver for designing a generative system and the parameters which causes people to wander is used as a new method for designing buildings which facilitates spaces for people to wander, providing diversions as well as a new type of a public space.

The building will incorporates existing and proposed economical values volumetrically while proposing public transitional spaces which interlinks all programs, allowing for specific framed views at different diversion points to stimulate encounters and unexpected event by the mixture of users within the building.

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The Views of the Urban Wanderer

The Start of the Journey

Analysis of Transitional Space in SouthBank

Analysis of Individual User Paths

Re-Networking and Massing of Hyper Transitional Space

Choreographing Routes of The Office Worker

I first take into account the time available and choreographed a route for the users with diversion points at different stage of his journey. The diversion point are then used as an anchor for inserting different types of view frame, some able to see just paths, just the destinations or both.
The system is designed so that the Office Worker would wander through the building encountering moments across retail area but also diversion points which does not have a clear visible destinations in sight leading him into more solitude space without tourists and at the end he actually discovered another entrance to the office.

Journey of The Office Worker

Choreographing Routes for Tourist

The tourist however is a very different story, the route are much longer with many more diversion point but most of which will have clear indication of the path and destination, allowing her to be easily distracted and wander into different events and moments

Journey of the Tourist