My project aims to integrate outdoor garden spaces into high-density urban infrastructures.
By reinventing the iconic garden squares of London as a wide range of social neighbourhoods and the implementation of a circulatory elevated green belt, porosity through dense built spaces while maintaining light, air and views for this garden spaces can be achieved. By allowing for different scales of garden spaces, public and private areas are defined resulting in varied arrangement of stacked typology that are able to accommodate a range of densities.

Through this project, I would like to propose an alternative form of urbanisation that remedies the elimination of parks caused by rapid urbanisation. High-density compact living and the oasis of the garden can coexist despite limited resources and space. With the presence of open green spaces, quality of life for the city-dweller will increase, making the city a more liveable space. These open green spaces will allow for social interaction and act as the main catalyst for the improved synergy of the community.

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City in a Garden

New Implemented Circulation

PLAN - Circulation density + Distribution of program

Detail model

Site model

Civic Centre


Private roof garden

Semi public/private

Density Columns

Shanghai/Tokyo - Garden

Observation of behaviour in garden spaces during unit tip research