Urban Masquerade
The project focuses on the way the museum processes and presents its content to the city, opposing current approaches to 'starchitecture' or found shells vs. unrelated curatorial strategy on the interior. Taking the site of the Guggenheim Berlin, I create a series of interventions that both multiply and pierce through the striations of program. The 'masking' is a key operation that allows for the content to interact with the architecture, while projecting multiple layers of the museum into the city. The initial accumulation of distinct display-images then leads to a blurred, dynamic and contemporary appearance. A cinematic chameleon defies a reduction to single branded architecture or passive transparency of the envelope. This way, I can introduce a larger discussion on the image of the cultural institution that could have an effect on the city beyond a single monument or a marketing coup.

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Final real collapsed section

Collapsed Section

comic on museum strategy part one

comic on museum strategy part two

Bilbao mapping

Bilbao/Starchitect Mapping

Testing model mapping

Matrix for testing model

Ground floor plan

lactual and apparent

Actual and Apparent Mirror

Time section diagram

Time Building Diagram

Section over time