Triggered by Berlin’s radical transformation through profit oriented forces since the reunification, this project is an architectural response to commercial influence on architecture and the city, a culturally subverted trade fair for architecture.

Using the ICC as a host, a cultural artifact for Berlin’s collective memory, but exactly at the threshold to commerce, the project uses the existing as backbone for an exchange between architecture and commerce.

Acting as urban laboratory, the newly created institution is not only an exposition of the current condition, but an exploration and experience of the architectural potentiality of todays inevitable invasion of commerce in architecture’s domain.

Rethinking the pure focus on profit, the change to an architectural perspective allows to identify potentiality for an architectural response that does not only regain architectural control, but even creates additional value for the city, transforming the city’s fate into its future.

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The commercial invasion of Berlin

The International Congress Center Berlin (ICC)

The architectural exchange, a culturally subverted trade fair for architecture

exploring potentiality of commercial influence on the city

The institution as urban laboratory


Architectural experience of the potentiality of commercial influence on architecture

The urban laboratory merging with the city

Identifying, exposing and exploring architectural potentiality

Urban laboratory in dialogue with the city