The City of Morphologies

My project investigates a possible exchange between real cities and their disciplinary projections.
I offer an alternative to splintered contemporary models, and restore a broader discussion of the city as a totality and a formal project.

I exaggerate the vision of a disciplinary city driven by morphological principles rather than social or political forces. The project is deeply rooted in Berlin and its peculiar formal history. Subjected to constant disciplinary projections and revisions, Berlin faces an identity crisis and a formal alienation. My project proposes to accommodate Berlin's multiple personalities and conceptual models into a new total yet heterogenous model.

My city is a result of sampling, abstraction and reconfiguration of the real city blocks through the use of morphological themes. From the 'continuous interruption' to 'absorbed juxtaposition', the themes become the key channels connecting the two cities. I combine retroactive readings with the speculative ones, while introducing new forces such as the 'swamp' – a destabilising entropic quality of the contemporary city.

The thematic blocks and infrastructures are collapsed into one paradoxical urban map that allows for the previous oppositions, contradictions, and schisms to create new unexpected associations.

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The City of Morphologies

Polythematic Block

A block is attacked by several themes at the same time.

Theme of Absorbed Juxtaposition

A fictional battle between solid elements vs. juxtapositions

Theme of Subtle Remix

Blocks composed of remixed samples

Theme of Continuous Interruption

Blocks with interrupted perimeter

Exploded Block

Block showing exploded formal iterations


A fictional portal of exaggerated morphologies

Diagrams + Reconfigurations

Matrixes showing diagrammatic extractions from the city and their reconfigurations into simplified spaces

Matrix City

A city of idealised diagrams

The city of Morphologies - Plan