The “Imaginist Bauakademie” is an experimental model of an evolving educational institution. It cuts across canonical schools – from Bauhaus to AA - while suggesting links between them as new types of educational approaches and spaces. The historical samples are used in two ways: first being as sources for programs and spaces and the second as teaching theories and methods. This way persistent tensions within architectural education are tackled – such as history vs technology or science vs art – that are explored in order to advance the discipline of architecture.

Those dissimilar historical institutions are brought together according to a generative logic in which all educational models are defined as the synthesis of four disciplines - art, history, science and technology, this creating a common ground upon which new interactions emerge. These disciplines are translated into ‘streams’ that distribute specific teaching platforms, and then threaded together to form a diagrammatic ‘tower of knowledge’. Additional types of external and internal exchange elements are inserted into the proposal that complement the on-going hybridizations, mergers or couplings of the original course platforms. The use of these elements allows to maintain two levels of investigation – on teaching methods and spatial typologies – while also broaching a wider project on how knowledge is transmitted, acquired and modified within architectural schools.

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Plan of a moment in the tower - final stage

Plan of a moment in the tower - intermediary stage

Exploded axonometry of the tower

Reconfigurable model of the tower

Score of the exchange elements that connect to historical educational models

Program score

Analysis of the precedents in architectural education

Diagrams of an institution that cuts across historical models of education

Models of evolving educational institutions

The Bauhaus Mixer