The aspect of Neoliberalism which has affected my research concerns the idea of monumentality.
Analysis on Santiago (including both its history and topographical conditions) and archetypical examples of monuments in architecture have led to the development of a block characterised by the "monumental dichotomy": an anonymous fa├žade hides an interior clustered space; if the monument is "traditional" on the exterior, given the requirements of the scale and symmetry principles, monumentality is adapted on the human scale within the interior environment. Also challenging the notion of monument it is the programme, as the block constitutes a meeting point of the domestic neighbourhood of barrio Yungay, which would gather for events such as festivals and exhibitions, workshops and various meeting spaces. The monument becomes a inhabitable space with social functions, adapting itself continuously to the needs of the citizens of the neighbourhood.

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Traditional monumentality

The Neoliberal icon



Site elevation

Programmatic views

Monumentality: exterior-interior view

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Worm's view