This project is a fusion between architecture and social policy. It is a self built community, that acts as a counter reaction to the super neoliberal city of Santiago (Chile). The project is tackling social and economic inequalities by questioning the chase for private property and introducing instead concepts of sharing, that start to dissolve the borders between private and public.

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Time based section and plan of Share City Block

The block is built in several stages: The first stage is an economic sharing model where joint resources allow the group to purchase the land and to built the initial frame. The second phase introduces a variable sharing model where each one of the clusters is self built according to the specific sharing needs of its micro cluster community but still under the same spatial frame of the entire block. Finally, Dynamic sharing model provides the ability to change one’s position within the block according to his current life stage. Thus by neglecting the idea of private ownership we gain more flexibility throughout our lives and simply by moving between clusters one can change is position on the privacy spectrum.

Voluntary Prisoners of Poverty

Today all layers of society are shaped by the assumption that property ownership is their key for happiness. Thus, owning becomes our means of self defining. However, according to Mike Davis’s book “planet of the slums” by 2020 between 45 to 50 precent of the world’s population will be located somewhere on the spectrum definition of urban poor. This stark forecast could not be divorced from the idea of private property ownership and implies that many of us might have non. Therefor, this alternative community is asking if perhaps now the time has come when people from different layers of society are ready to embrace an idea of “poverty” by neglecting all thrive for private property and committing fully to the idea of sharing.

Experimentation models - Defining new border lines

Modules of sharing generate a financially allocation of resources

Rules of arrangement

Structural components

Urban collissions

Moments of privacy

Dissolved spatial borders

Share City

The notion of solid borders is questioned when introduced with concepts of sharing which by their pure nature contradict the very essence of neoliberalism. However only the neoliberal concept of open market can enable the growth of such hybrids within itself. Personally I see the clash of these two extremely different social orders as an opportunity to question our natural assumptions over definitions like room, ownership, density and privacy. Therefore, the project is working within the realm of these assumption but constantly trying to stretch them to their limit.