Fermenting Papirøen:

"[the Bunker is] more like a kitchen. But we're not actually producing dishes, we're producing knowledge. In that sense it's like a lab, but it's a different discipline than a chem lab would have, it's very much informed by the test kitchen and the service kitchen." - Arielle Johnson, Noma Restaurant Chemist.

"Noma" restaurant is proliferating to Papirøen Island and consuming the existing warehouses. Converting them into kitchens, symposiums and fermentation laboratories. Papirøen becomes the main forum for cooks and scientists in Copenhagen to inhabit the experimental kitchens and harvest gases.

[ Formula: Lactic Acid Bacteria (Noma) + Plum (Papirøen) = Carbon Dioxide (Fermented Papirøen) ]

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Noma in Papirøen

Noma is proliferating into the industrial warehouses of the Paper Island (Papirøen). The first installations of Fermentation Laboratories.

MAD Symposium (2019)

"Mad" in Danish means "food", therefore: Food Symposium. This is the annual summer event that Noma hosts and it gathers all amateurs of food and cuisine to join and exchange ideas about the way we cook. This years theme is Fermentation!

Dr. Frontini's Fermentation Lab-Kitchen

Harvesting Carbon Dioxide from Cherry under Lactic Acid Bacteria fermentation.

Catalogue of Fermometers

1. Lantern
2. Food Stork Parachute
3. Circus Tent
4. Levitation
5. Fermometer
6. Foraging Balloon

Balloonery View

Noma proliferating in the very centre of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fermented People

Saturday Night Projects

Every Saturday, Rene Redzepi and his chefs meet together to re-invent dishes, question about the existing recipes and re-creating new flavours and combinations.

This is celebrated at midnight. All are welcome to join.

Science Museum

View from the Royal Danish Playhouse


Deconstructing the existing warehouses in order to make kitchens, labs and symposiums.

Lag Phase

First installations of the kitchens in the industrial warehouse