The celestial ceiling of Francesco Borromini's San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane has been a prominent reference throughout, as I am very interested in how Baroque churches expresses the celestial sensations through the use of solid forms, false perspective, lighting, ornaments and height. However in my project I will try to recreate the same celestial sensations in these churches but with a completely different approach. Through the use of the light and the invisible, I will express the 'celestial feeling' of the innovative nordic cuisine from the famed restaurant NOMA and transformed it into architecture.

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The aerial language of Copenhagen

In a 1000m radius from my site, I mapped out the embedded street light system that spans across the streets of Copenhagen. Through the reading of this existing system, it allows me to understand the disconnection between Nyhavn and the famed restaurant NOMA, hence highlighting the purpose of the Inderhavn bridge.

Unravelling a network from a papaya

Inspired by the experimental kitchen in NOMA, I have started my journey through investigating half of a papaya as a ceiling as a fun getaway from Borromini. Through the process of casting and moulding the negative cast of the 'papaya ceiling' in Ceramica Cumella, I have shifted my focus into the intricate network between the seeds inside of the papaya.

First prototype of an invisible ceiling

First prototype model experimenting with invisibility and lightness with a module and a system.

The 9 prototype

The 9 prototypes created using just fishing wire. The different shaped sections are created by tension cables in the middle of the structure

From nothingness to solidness

Revisiting the method of casting and moulding, I used casting as a method to understand the negative of the cloud like structure. By superimposing the two together, it shows the possibility of it changing from a state of invisible to solid.

Blending in

Concept of the structure blending in day light condition.

Standing out

Concept of the structure illuminated by artificial lighting.

Concept plan of the structure illuminated by artificial lighting.

Dematerialised Borromini ceiling

The plan and the elevation of the proposal, incorporating the classic false perspective from Borromini's baroque churches.

Dematerialised Borromini

Scale comparison between the structure and Borromini's ceiling.

50 shades of light

Showing how the light sensitivity of the structure allows the transition between solidness and nothingness