Introducing the 5 moments of addendum as a combination of existing site elements, derived through the Game of random urban interventions, that activate the fabric of the site locally at the points of intersections with a new Diagonal Walkway forming a procession through the site, to create an environment which can be as visually rich and varied as an actual urban life itself

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Fish eye addendum momentums

The idea of my addendum is to provide an environment which can be as visually rich and varied as an actual urban life, by using the game system as tool to detect and solve problems quickly and efficiently, relying particularly on resources available on the site

The Game

The main element of the design process - the grid developed into a Game. It is a system of random urban interventions that brings unpredictability to the organization of additions, symplifying it to Add Hoc - for the specific reasoning


The 5 moments form a new access through and into the island, with exits along the route, developing a new circulation through the Archipelago

1. Twin Gate Towers

Twin Towers performing as gates. Borrowing elements from Trellick and other structures, the towers bare a sublayer of addendum - the two rooms on top that hold the towers to stand straight, to be used as observation decks during the procession for Portobello Road Festival

2. Deletion

Corner Flat - a path going through the residential building, cuts through existing opening a flat

3. Suspension

A new residential unit providing a compensation of the space removed by the Corner House, by mirroring the housing unit and suspending over existing

4. Direct Action

Park Activation - is a Folly which creates a direct action on the site, attracting people to the park through interaction with the bridge, moving between stairs, rotund and continuation of the path

5. Community Centre

Several blind additions with each level opening the building up, give a start for a constant auditioning to follow up in the future

Long stripe

As a process of addendumisation, the junction between the bridge and existing develops into a new public space, creating possibilities for additions.

Site Model

The site is located on a raised ground in Notting Hill - Kensal Town, locked in the canal and train tracks forming an archipelago with a very poor pedestrian access.
In a way it seems like a prison - as a controled environment with a firm perimeter trying to protect the outside from the inside, which is the main weakness of the site and what actually delays the upgrading and fluidity through the island