This project starts from a word “addendum”. For me, an “Addendum” is the changing programme through small addition. Even though change is subtle, the way of using is substantial.

In Tokyo, Cat Street was a case study for developing my idea. Cat Street was a residential area that transformed into a commercial, but where both programmes coexisting. The street has evolved through the contiual reuse and redevelopment of left-over space.

This project site is Camden lock market, and the agenda is to bring Tokyo documentation into London. The proposal is to empty square which is occupied by the market, and to then give the empty square to the public, in order to bring in public area to the heavily commercialised market. New Public Square will still contain the context and history of the Camden lock market through alterable volume of this square varying on to the height of the water level. Erased stalls from the square will be reformed into a vertical tower which keeps the exact character of the square before the demolition. the result will mean that the new market will encapsulate the location's context and history with a balanced mixture of commercial and public space.

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Tokyo Cat Street Document_ Unexpected building

Tokyo Cat Street Document_ Coexisting space

Triptych London_London Seashore WC2N 5DN


utility - measuring device - reflective device - art piece

flip over - clean up the ground plain

horizontal - vertical

Bird view of new Camden Market

Image of New Stall tower in the Square

Image of New Stall tower in the Square

Details of stall tower

Image of inside of New Stall tower 1

Image of inside of New Stall tower 2

The stall tower from the square