The proposal is an under and over-ground railway station which serves to activate a true public space on the Southbank. The station is a singular point where different infrastructural systems collide and produce a large void, a pocket of low pressure on an increasingly dense site. Above is the Southeastern railway which is part of a national scale transport network, below is the London Underground operating on the city scale, and at the ground level, the local scale. The status of the public void as an integral infrastructural core is strategic, as it is therefore inherently resilient to further privatisation and development. It is an implant that strives to restore and maintain balance on the site, a balance that is under threat by the looming Shell Centre redevelopment headed by Canary Wharf Group plc. The station enacts a moment of physical transparency and legibility and is a celebration of the moment of transfer between the layered networks of the city.

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Estrangement Waterloo

The War Over Familiarity

Infrastructural Collision 1

Pressure Drop

Sangubashi, Tokyo

Montage Test

Deep Scan

Infrastructural Collision 2