The project moves from the scale of the Jewellery to the scale of the final Structure.
The Jewellery
Time and weather are both considered communal data, which tend to be provided for free by public institutions. Time is considered more important thus regulating everyday life. We set up deadlines, meetings, wear watches and build clock towers. What if we were wearing the weather instead of the time? What would that mean for our society?
However, weather is experienced differently from the western European and the African tribal perspective, the two predominant cultures in South Africa. Westerners read scientific instruments and watch weather forecasts. Tribal society looks at plants’ growing cycles and observes animals’ habits. This wearable device is a universal weather station that displays the weather for both tribal and western society.

The Project
Cape Town is built around Table Mountain, a table-like formation that due to its position creates orographic clouds on its top, known as the Table Cloth. Although the Table Mountain is a social divider between the rich and the poor areas, the Table Cloth is a shared experience for everyone, as it can be seen from everywhere around the city. Similarly, smaller boundaries exist around the city. The apartheid government introduced legislation that allocated racial groups to different areas and separating them with buffer zones, disruptions of the urban fabric, which are still dividing today. However, a metaphorical cloud exists that connects everyone; our digital communications.
The Cumulus is a device that is strategically positioned on the buffer zones creating smaller artificial clouds revitalizing these areas into places for discussion between the different sides. It combines the digital with the natural cloud, by projecting discussion topics suggested by surrounding residents on an artificially created cloud. An event is organised once a week where discussions take place.
The clouds create a cooler environment compared to the arid climate of Cape Town, while its fog quality allows anonymous discussions similar to internet forums. The water produced by the cloud is recycled by being used to create communal gardens, managed by the surrounding residents.

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Tribal way of predicting the weather

The Weather Teller

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Jewellery to Structure

Table Mountain Division

Apartheid Buffer Zones



Project Section

The structure from far away

The cloud from within




Cloud model