My project tackles the condition of segregation in the context of Cape Town and addresses it through the interface of a game which deals with the notion of reality in its three types: Physical, Augmented and Virtual at the scale of the individual with the mask, the street and the larger context of the city with the temporary structure.
It uses these three ways of understanding reality as a tool to critique the condition of segregation and bridge the gaps between communities, taking into consideration the identity of these social groups, and the historical background of Cape Town as a colonised city.

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The structure delivers an experience based on ten different viewpoints

2. The Driver

He percieves the bottom of the structure from the street.

Techno-Jewel Mask

The mask absorbs the player in the Virtual Reality of another player from a contrasting community in conjunction with his Physical Reality. Allowing the player to infiltrate someone else's intimacy as a witness.

Unfolded Section

The temporary dimension of the structure allows it to be like in injection in the city that confronts the actual social segregation condition, and critiques the use of the public and private spaces in the city, and the current condition of Long Street, formally and programmatically.

8. Disappearing Moment

At this predetermined viewpoint the screen appears to disapear between the patterns and thus preserves the integrity of the facade.

Cape Town

The structure delivers an experience that begins form the life of long street to the collapse of the communities and the abstraction of space through augmented reality then back to physical reality which places them in Cape Town with the view of table mountain at the end, a view it shares with its paired strucure in Guguletu, reminding the user of the collective identity they form within one city.

Viewpoint 1 - Digital and Real

These drawings of the different viewpoints illustrate them in two different version a virtual version - the section and a real version - the views

Context Plan

The temporary structure attempts to discuss the blurring of the boundary between the social groups, through altering the streetscape and changing the perception of the street, by providing a public space and using the historical background of the street as a place for expression through the theatre.

7. The Regulars

The regular users of Long Street are at the level of the urban corridor and become the unaware performers.

Kit of Parts