The Castle of Dreams is a project that looks at the aspirations of the low income community of Mexico, and how these aspirations are being tapped into by the government through the eternal Mexican telenovelas produced by the media giant, Televisa. This dynamic is unfolded through a video score of Lola Ramirez's every day life. The project attempts to critically understand the tension of this dynamic by providing different media to consume the dream life of meaning and glamour through design and architecture. The proposal is an agency, TELENAVIT, that uses the power of Televisa (the largest producer of telenovelas owned by the government), and the social housing scheme of INFONAVIT, to produce clothes, furniture, architectural items and home extensions inspired by the telenovela sets, and the fashion and desires of telenovela characters. The Castle of Dreams attempts to understand exciting aspect of design to fulfil the desires of a client, in this case Lola, meanwhile looking at the darker, consumerist and commercial world that maintains it.

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Lola in front of a regenerated INFONAVIT community.


Pages of the telenovela character line.

Lola and Her Manuela Roof

Monsterrat Impression

Montserrat Shoes and Eleonora Faux Marble Veneer

Eleonora Line Love Room

Montserrat Line Bedroom

Mauricio Office Line

A Series of TELENAVIT Roofs

The Eleonora Roof, The Manuela Roof, The Mauricio Roof, The Hector Roof, and The Paula Roof

Eleonora Nails

Manuela Shoes and Hector Window