A place for the imagination of a Mexico City Lost Kid. A kid who has left his home and family in order to start a new life in the streets.
An innovative platform for education processes; a place to discover a potential and build an identity.

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A Place for the imagination of a kid

A spatial investigation which deals with conflicts between diversion and instruction; freedom and obedience; and exploration and safety.

The Hero's Journey. Natural Environment of Violence.

Growing up in an environment shaped by violence and abuse a kid looses any kind of self-respect and self-confidence that he needs in order to grow up and build an identity

The Hero's Journey. The Call to Adventure.

The streets change from a stage of transition into a stage of permanence

A Hero's Journey

What is the sequence of events that lead to a transformation in the life of a person?

Freedom vs Control

A Sequence of Experiences

The proposal is located in a park, and conceived as a sequence of spaces or experiences. Different objects arise from within the setting of the park to act as stages for the different activities that are going on in the space.

A Sequence of Experiences. Section

Park View

Discovering the park

The Streets

The proposal meets the streets in order to legalize and dignify the activities of the lost kids