An investigation into "Constructing Intangible Heritage" all the while questioning, as the title evokes, the paradox of materializing the invisible. It specifically looks at the Huichols, a mesoamerican, animist, indigenous society of Mexico whose holy lands along their pilgrimage route are currently being threatened by the radical economical and industrial growth of the country. In materializing these routes and sites into one architecture, the project critiques our endless need for building what we cannot see - a very western approach to safeguarding heritage. The project therefore deals with realizing through its design that permanence becomes an unattainable dream and that in fact, the only certainty is that everything changes and it is this change which provides us with the platform and potential for a temporal, dynamic and soft architecture.

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Melting Ceremonial Space

The moment in which the cyclical building's sugar components begin to melt away with the rainy season of Mexico. The rain essentially beginning to dissolve the architecture

Sugared Landscape Street

The sugar ready to be reboiled and cast once again

Walking Through the Grid

Structure in Full Use

Ceremonial Space In Context

Conceptual Drawing - Dissolving Architecture

Full Structure During Peak Months

Three levels of Permanence

Cycle of the Architecture Over 30 Years

Impression of Melting Sugar

Constructing Intangible Heritage over 30 Years

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