The project – Patient’s Speech, by linking the research of Speech disorder to the larger urban context in terms of the relationship between speech and public space, aims to help London to be more articulated by amplifying, expressing, Identifying, Opening up and unifying patient’s and the public speech and bring it into the private land, Buckingham Palace Garden.

The design re-identifies the wall by extruding it 5 meters higher. The intention of extruding it rather than breaking it down, helps to articulate the power status of the landscape and respects the general acceptance of the monarchy from the public. At the same time, the new wall incorporate with a lot of speech related program. The design gives a new identification of the existing wall to be more public engaged and creates a new platform for people to speak, protest, socialize and comment on the society. The wall becomes a park.

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Mouth Device - Exploded View

Concept - The Wall Axo

Final Design - Axo







Concrete Poetry - indoor view