in sync

Taking the potential of music as a means of interaction and expression of a cultural identity, a playful soundscape of acoustic, interactive architecture is inserted into St Pancras Hospital and the surrounding parks, integrating the isolated, geriatric patients with the surrounding community and music culture of Camden, revitalising the hospital.

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To treat the disconnection between the geriatric patients of St Pancras Hospital and the surrounding community of Camden through music.

Map of Musical Rhythms

The map shows the rhythmic forms of a music genre in relation to its area of origin within London and the architecture of the area, illustrating the potential of music as an expression of a cultural identity.

Site Intervention

The proposal creates a dual relationship between the hospital and the surrounding community: spaces for music performance and therapy in nearby parks, and an extension of public parks above the existing buildings of St Pancras Hospital.

Hospital extension

Interactive Instrument

The interaction between the public park above and the patient area below is created by the swinging of reeds against each other, creating music.

Amplification and Noise Control of the Instrument

Ground Plan

The communal area of the hospital is a transparent steel frame with glass facades housing the mobile 'reed forest', revealing the soundscape to the street.



The roofscapes of the parks are composed of reed forests that are acoustic and interactive. The extension to the hospital includes rooms for music therapy, a new type of hospital wards, and spaces for music performance: indoors as well as a main ampitheatre.


Hospital, public park, ampitheatre entrance