My project entitled " The Cloud of Canary Wharf" , looks at cocaine addiction in London. Based in Canary Wharf, I looked at the link between the use of drugs in such a predominant financial district and the possible effects this may have on the state of the economy.
My proposal is composed of a series of two types spaces (High Space - heart rate needs increasing/Low Space -heart rate need decreasing) that merge certain financial activities with certain programs that involve increasing or decreasing heart rate such as (Low Space-Client meeting Jacuzzi or High Space-Trampolining bidding floor). These I believe will act as healthy substitute for people instead of taking the drugs whilst making decisions.
I wanted to create an equilibrium between the highs and lows in canary wharf , where the towers on my site act as a physical chart of land value and I wanted to oppose the vertcality by creating a horizontal datum line. My datum line begins to act not only as an escape but also acts like a market forecaster by producing rain and steam according to the use of either the High or Low Space. When more people are using the High Space steam is being produced from the building meaning the market is going in a good direction, where as in a Low Space an increase in usage means rain would be produced a sign that the market is not doing so well.
The intervention begins to act as a forecaster for the future of the market predicting the state of the economy before the computer or the people do, at a larger scale this means people would be able to make more reformed decisions about the market.

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Staircase/Slide Axon

To signify this feeling of this constant feeling of ups and downs I created an Axon to resemble the psychological state one would be in when experiencing the highs and low of Cocaine.

Site Map - Canary Wharf

Programmatic Diagram

Relation of Program to space within Intervention.

Ground Floor Plan

Section (Rain)

View Underneath Intervention

Section (Steam)

View from office overlooking intervention (Steam)

Detail Section of Steam & Rain production

Section Perspective