Alison Moffett

First bridging the gap from craft to legitimate artistic technique by the early Cubists, collage has the flexibility to create images that can encompass the range from rich and concept-laden to purely minimal surface. Its strength is in juxtaposing unlikely scenarios or imagery, creating new unexpected narratives, which still allude to the source materials. The inherent fragmentation of images can be directly related to what it is to be modern, but the never settling quality of collaged elements also fits within a postmodern dialog. We will investigate different aspects of the technique, starting with the basics of materiality, color, and composition, and going on to work through historical and contemporary examples from art and architecture. Students will create their own collages to work through the ideas addressed, leading up to the final project.

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Ignatio Bhaskara

Oluwafadekemi Oyinade

Oluwafadekemi Oyinade

Sofia Pia