Alex Kaiser

Throughout this course we will be creating both small and large-scale drawings using projections such as axonometric, orthographic & isometric. We will use drawing not as an final outcome - but as an iterative process to explore certain investigations, tectonics, and stories. Through adopting the modus operandi of the musician sampling sounds found in the street, or of the video artist splicing together a piece of film from existing snippets of video, we will create and splice together samples extracted from design, architecture, toys, inventions, mechanics and so on. Employing the act of ‘digging’, we will first sample these existing spaces, elements and functions and re-construct them in order to understand the precise nature of them. A series of taxonomies will be created from the constructs, which will then be re-mixed together into new architectures and landscapes. We will focus on techniques and methods such as; digital painting, collaging and line/hand drawing. Throughout the course large scale drawings and paintings will begin to manifest themselves slowly through an iterative process of digital-analogue alchemy.

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Painting-Architecture - Chan-Leong-Nin

Painting-Architecture - Elias-Tamer

Painting-Architecture - Final-Session

Painting-Architecture - Final-Session

Painting-Architecture - Kevin-Leung

Painting-Architecture - Marie-Hjerrild-Smedemark

Painting-Architecture - Final-Session

Painting-Architecture - Henry-Si-Yuan-Ngo

Painting-Architecture - Loh-Li-Zhi

Painting-Architecture - Mikolaj-Karczewski