Modern Greek Myths 1950-1967

Supervisors: Marina Lathouri, Sokratis Georgiadis

Modernity and national identity in post-war Greece are discussed in this research. The thesis focuses on four cases that try to reconcile national stereotypes with modern ideas and reflect the problematic process of absorbing modernity. Hopefully it will contribute to the dissolution of myths and constructs in architectural historiography in Greece and add to recent international scholarship on critical issues of national identity and modernity.

Costandis Kizis (Athens 1982) is an architect (NTUA 2006 with honours, MsAAD Columbia University) and a PhD candidate at the Architectural Association, where he has also taught History and Theory. He has been practicing with Kizis Architects since 2006, where he is principal since 2013. He has been repeatedly awarded, as an equal team member, in architectural competitions.

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Costandis Kizis