Generative Processes in Tower Design: Algorithms for the Integration of Tower Subsystems

Supervisors: George Jeronimidis, Michael Weinstock, Patrik Schumacher

This project proposes a new systematic design approach for the architectural typology of the tower, a relatively stable organizational structure and formal language since the end of the 19th century. The research posits new forms of design knowledge by following a design methodology set between architecture, biology, and computation. The computational setup for design exploration adopts the characteristics of self-organization of biological models. The transition from the biological world to the digital paradigm has been realized by swarm intelligence. An agent-based model has been devised and the global geometrical constraints have been defined through the setting of the slenderness ratio, which can range from six to eight. On a local level, all the agents in the system interact with each other according to flocking principles.

Elif Erdine received her B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2003 (High Honours), and MArch degree from the AA Design Research Lab in 2006 (with Distinction). She is a registered architect in Turkey. Her projects have been published widely in international and national architecture publications. She is the Programme Director of the AA DLAB Visiting School and AA Istanbul Visiting School. She has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects 2006-10.

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Elif Erdine

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