Emerging Corporate Territories: Trade of Shades

The course returned to Songdo, the newly finished corporate hub of South Korea, the wannabe Singapore-Hong-Kong international node of the booming economic future of North East Asia. Smart, Leed certified and directly plugged in into an airport, equipped with one Central Park and one Venice Canal, Songdo is the latest venture in the corporate real-estate bonanza.

So new and so fast with so much glass, and so few people walking down its streets. This sleek ghost town is not only waiting for its people but also itching to have its first architectural reading. So we departed from the scale of the master-plan and delved specifically into these shimmering buildings, to understand each node of this wired operational network through its own face and skin.

Each student proposed a full bleed curtain-wall facade system, which will spoke of feeders such as economic and technologic drivers as well as corporate aesthetics and architectural fetishes.

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Seoul Summer

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