The AA Archive is currently cataloguing and digitising a series of ‘scrapbooks’ of AA documents, leaflets, posters
and ephemera dating back to the Association’s foundation
in 1847.

It is uncertain when the scrapbooks’ were compiled but dating of the last additions seems to indicate that they were
created for the AA Centenary Exhibition of 1947.

Work has been carried out within the Archives to isolate
each ‘scrapbook’ item and re-house in melinex sleeves.
Nevertheless, many objects remain glued to highly acidic
paper and funding is now required in order to carry out long-term preservation.

When cataloguing has been completed, the entire set of ‘scrapbooks’ will be made available via the Archives’ online catalogue.

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Festival of Britain, 1951: AA Membership card

AA Membership card for 1951, incorporating the Festival of Britain logo.

Erich Mendelsohn exhibition, AA 1930

Invitation to exhibition of Erich Mendelsohn drawings at the AA, 1930

AA Student Exhibition,1935.

Invitation for an AA student exhibition held at the Building Centre, 1935, entitled '1935: Ideas In Architecture'.

Wijdeveld exhibition, AA, 1931

Invitation to exhibition of Wijdeveld drawings at the AA, 1931