"Although humans are one of the great apes,[...] we are remarkably different. Unlike our cousins who subsist on raw food, spend their days and nights outdoors, and wear a thick coat of hair, humans are dependent on artificial things such as clothing, shelter and the use of tools, and would die in nature without them. Yet, despite our status as the weakest ape, we are also masters of this planet. Given these inherent deficits, how did we humans come out on top?" Timothy Taylor

As we anticipate the inevitable coming of the technological singularity, the possibilities of transcending all human limitations suddenly become infinite. The ATLAS of Inadvertent Invention Hybrids facilitates a new age of innovation, generating hybrids of unexpected combinations of machines.

The ATLAS is a modern day upgrade of Turing's Imitation Game.

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The WikiGraph is a visualisation I created by hacking a script by Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Grob, Julia Laub and Claudius Lazzeroni. The script allowed me to navigate through Wikipedia's API to uncover a selection of recent advancements in technology for the ATLAS.

ATLAS of Inadvertent Invention Hybrids

Hybrid 5,872

Hybrid 5,872 [Artificial Blood]. One of the results given by the ATLAS combining: Respirocytes, the Nanovaccine Patch and Micro-scale 3D Printing.

Artificial Blood

Transcending biological limitations with artificially enhanced performance using nanotechnology. Respirocytes will upgrade human physical and mental performance, allowing various limitations caused by our weak systems to be overcome.

Hybrid 872,841

Hybrid 872,841 [The OmniDose]. One of the results given by the ATLAS combining: the Micr-oneedle Pill and the Nanofactory.

The OmniDose

Moore's law of exponential growth allows us to envision 3D printers reaching the micro-scale, hence the conception of the Nanofactory. The OmniDose places a remotely controlled molecular additive assembler into the human body, allowing the production of any drugs or machines within the body.

Hybrid 204,658

Hybrid 204,658 [Mind Augmentation]. One of the results given by the ATLAS combining: Optogenetics, EyeWire, Biodigital Micro-algae and the FlyFire drone.

Mind Augmentation

The rise of optogenetics and recent breakthroughs in swarm robotics were combined in the ATLAS to create an interface that brings back telepathic communication purely through emotion by directly activating neutrons using light pulses.

Hybrid 82,465

Hybrid 82,465 [Population Control]. One of the results given by the ATLAS combining: Project Loon and the Killer Gene.

Population Control

The ATLAS suggests a collaboration between Google's Project Loon and OxiTec's Killer Gene, resulting in a Hybrid to control the population of the world's number 1 killer, mosquitos.

ATLAS of Inadvertent Invention Hybrids

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